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Carbon Trade & Investment

News Release:
Mazzetti Nash Lipsey Burch and Elysium partner to offer climate change consulting services.The service would be available to both US and international clients under M+NLB's BLUE Climate Change Consulting division. read more (english)... read more (hebrew)...

Elysium is an Israeli company that develops, trades, and invests in the global market for certified and voluntary greenhouse gas emission reduction credits. Elysium enables its clients to reap additional economic rewards for investment in clean-tech projects, energy conservation and managing of environmental hazards. The revenue generated from trading in greenhouse gas emission reduction credits alone ranges between tens of thousands of dollars per year for small projects to millions of dollars per year for large project - significant income for a wide variety of ventures.

Elysium serves as a professional umbrella for project development, trade and investment in the global carbon market.

Elysium leads its clients through the maze of validating and registering potential projects, as well as assisting with successful transactions of emission reduction credits.